VIDEO - "Mr Macron, I'm going to open my restaurant! And if you want to come and close me, come!"

Envisaged on January 20 in France, the reopening of bars-restaurants will undoubtedly be further postponed because of the Covid-19."Let us work", launches a restaurant owner from the Doubs to Emmanuel Macron in a video.Stéphane Turillon also calls his colleagues to do like him: "open all".

The prolonged closure beyond January 20 of bars-restaurants, especially in France to try to counter the spread of the coronavirus: this is the decision that the Government will undoubtedly formalize in the coming hours ...But enough is enough too much, for many in the restaurant business.

In the Doubs, for example, Stéphane Turillon expresses his fed up, between incomprehension and concerns, via a video published on his Facebook page on Monday and already widely relayed on social networks and in the media.

For 1 minute 48 ", the owner of the restaurant La Source Bleue in Cusance sharply calls out to the President of the Republic:" I am not a conspirator, I am not a trade unionist, I am nothing, I am not political! I'm just defending my right to freedom, so let us work! If you do not let us work, it is death assured "for the restaurateurs ..." We are granted PGE (loan guaranteed by the State) but we will have to reimburse behind and we in debt again and again "...

To compensate for the shortfall, in November, the President of the Republic promised companies that remain administratively closed that they could obtain aid corresponding to 20% of their annual turnover for 2019, instead of the 10,000 euros of solidarity funds already proposed.

Whatever the cost, he decided to reopen his restaurant

To paraphrase Emmanuel Macron, in the preamble to his Facebook post, Stéphane Turillon writes: "We are at war.This time I am going to war I will open my restaurant on February 1 of the year 2021 at noon if the state do not allow me to open I will open by force share en masse please for our freedom ".

Posted Date: 2021-01-07

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