The Auberge coopérative “des Trois Rivières” is already in full swing.

Since its official opening on Monday, July 20, the Auberge des 3 Rivières has inevitably been sold out, an encouraging sign for the team of cooperators at Ma Coop – la vie au vert, which launched this ambitious project over a year ago.

The idea? The idea was to open a new place in the village that would offer both accommodation and food, designed as a secondary establishment of the Ma Coop cooperative grocery store – life in the green. To do so, the joyful Borniquels troupe set its sights on an old guest house beautifully set up on the riverbank, just after the bridge that crosses the village. Thanks to the precious support of one of its members and the provision of real estate by the King-Baudouin Foundation of Belgium, this crazy project slowly took shape. The building permit obtained in the autumn of 2019 enabled the team, made up of young, energetic working people and retired volunteers, to get down to work and reinvent the place.

Cyrille Souche and David Naulin, co-founders of the cooperative then set the course (and managed the administrative part), while the work was mainly carried out by profiles as diverse as Christophe Salmon, former co-manager of the Comptoir de la Régordane, Alexandre Fetgen, former principal of the school in Pied-de-Borne, Anthony Chevalier, special educator at Prévenchères, Thierry Krawezik and many others.An abundance of good will that allowed the construction site to be completed at the very beginning of the summer, allowing the Auberge des Trois Rivières to be inaugurated on Saturday, July 18 and to welcome on its shaded terrace several dozen curious and sympathetic guests.

“The idea will also be to make it a place to live through partnerships with other structures, why not concerts and theme evenings,” Cyrille Souche, tired but radiant, was already planning.

Two days later, the inn officially opened and offered its first plates of fresh, local products, most of them straight from the grocery store, located a few hundred meters away, so to all the curious, don’t hesitate to visit the premises and call for reservations!

The Auberge Coopérative des Trois Rivières has 30 seats on the ground floor and 12 beds upstairs (two two-bedroom and two four-bedroom rooms), as well as a refreshment bar and homemade ice cream between services.

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