In Senegal, farmers also want to live in Akon City the city of the future

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One hundred kilometers south of Dakar.The asphalt road runs along the bushy lands, dotted here and there with fields of corn.These crops lost on the green strips that stretch to the Atlantic Ocean and its lagoon have been planted by the small farmers of Mbodiène, a village that thrives on fishing and agriculture.It's hard to imagine that soon this land will see the city of tomorrow grow.Akon City, the city that the American rapper of Senegalese origin Akon wants to build from here in 2029.This project a bit megalomaniac whose budget is close to 6 billion dollars (5.1 billion euros) should be launched in 2021 by the one we know for titles like "Lonely" or "Smack That" .

Large towers of glass, wood or concrete with a futuristic design, curved architecture, film studios, hotels, universities, hospitals, airports, business and leisure centers ...Power supply obliges, all buildings will be covered with panels Photovoltaic.The Lebanese architect Hussein Bakri, based in Dubai, was inspired by "African sculptures, Senegalese flora and fauna as well as the design of local dwellings", which he wanted to make "more modern".

This new town of which there are currently only piles of files, a 3D model and a very polished artist's view, still seems unreal in the eyes of Michel Diome, the village chief installed in the half-light of his house.."We welcome Akon and his large-scale project with open arms, even if it will break the calm of our village," testifies the sage, who is still worried about the preservation of the local values and customs of this region.A predominantly Christian community, especially Akon relies on the return of African Americans who dream of rediscovering their roots, a memorial tourism still underdeveloped in Senegal, and even less in the Mbodiène region.

Posted Date: 2020-12-07

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